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Hibernia Bank Goes Before Preservation Commission

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Today the Historic Preservation Commission will hear the proposed new project for the old Hibernia Bank building at Jones and McAllister Streets. Constructed in 1892 with an addition in 1905 and repair in 1906?1907, the building was designed by Albert Pissis and is considered one of the best examples of Beaux Arts architecture around and one of the oldest temple-style banks in San Francisco. The proposed new project will make seismic, fire, and accessibility upgrades for a new "assembly" use of the building (whatever that means). A bunch of stuff like doors and windows will be restored, with a little rooftop addition. They also plan on removing some of the historic features, like the bank tellers' counter, some light fixtures, the exterior gates at McAllister and Jones Street, and exterior granite to be salvaged for potential reuse or to be stored. The project will bring the long-vacant building into code compliance, but no use or tenant has been identified yet. People have been itching to get something happening with this landmark building, and Planning staff is recommending approval. The project case file is a pretty awful scan, so images and floorplans are low quality, but the whole pdf is here if you want to check them out.
· Certificate of Appropriateness - 1 Jones (pdf) [SF Planning]
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Hibernia Bank

1 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA