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Introducing Racked SF: Shopping and Fashion Intelligence

The Bay Area is home of some of the best shopping in the whole world, which is why we've been writing about it here under the rubric Racked SF for some time now. At last, thought, the time has come for Racked SF to take flight on its own. So we couldn't be more excited to announce that right now, we're launching Racked SF as a stand-alone website designed to provide you, the San Francisco shopper, with non-stop coverage of everything amazing about shopping, retail, and fashion in this city. If you're a sample sale hunter, a deal stalker, a collab fanatic, or if you just like to spy what the kids (of all ages) are wearing anywhere from Dolores Park to Fort Mason, we hope you'll enjoy browsing through Racked SF.

Have you noticed a nifty-looking store open up in your hood? Racked SF would love to hear about it. Did you see an unbelievable deal on Rachel Comey booties? Tell Racked SF where (after your pair has been secured, of course)! Racked SF brings shopping and fashion intelligence for all.

Don't delay. Check out Racked SF right now. >>