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San Francisco's Most Expensive Home Receives an Offer

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San Francisco's most expensive piece of residential real estate is in contract. That's right, folks. 2901 Broadway on Billionaire's Row has found someone willing to plop down eight figures for the 8-bed, 7.5-bath Italian Renaissance hilltop mansion. In late August we got word that the big abode's owners were in talks with several firms about a complete renovation to the property. You see, while the $34,000,000 mansion has been on the market without accepting a single offer since 2006 (when it landed on the market it was asking $58M), there are now several interested parties, including one young and very wealthy tech family. Let the guessing games begin about who the home's next owner(s) might be.

As you may already know, the property's in dire condition. Its facade was also a victim to graffiti last year. The home's got a decrepit outdoor tennis court (that's rumored to get a makeover as a lavish outdoor oasis) and a "Curio Room" that used to house the original owner's "extensive oological collection." If this home sells before 2013, it will easily be the most expensive sale of the year. We're hoping for another late in the year blockbuster sale, just like the St. Regis penthouse did last year when it sold for $28,000,000 on December 16.
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2901 Broadway

2901 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA