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2012 Best Waste of Everyone's Time: CEQA Revision Hearing

Back in November we live-blogged the Planning Commission's CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) revision hearing, expecting some major fireworks and mudslinging. Instead it was a totally pointless exercise in airing grievances with no actual resolution, and a very, very, very detailed review of environmental law, as the Planners needed to explain planning to the Planning Commissioners. The changes proposed by Sup. Weiner were supposed to limit the abuse of CEQA appeals, but most people just spent their public comment period accusing him of being in the developers' pocket. There was even a meta moment where someone threatened to file an appeal on the new appeal system. In the end, the Commissioners just instructed the Supervisor's office to do more public outreach and come back to them. Silver lining - we're pretty much qualified to be CEQA attorneys now.
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