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Best and Worst Trends of 2012; Major Shoe Sale; More!

Image via Atomic Garden

1. Everywhere: These six Bay Area shops will set you up with everything from late holiday gifting items to hostess gifts to a little something just for you. We know you deserve it.

2. Everywhere: We hit up our local BFFs (who also happen to be shopping and fashion gurus) for some end-of-year wisdom. Here's their take on the best trends of 2012.

3. Everywhere: And here they talk about the worst trends of 2012. Stay tuned for more of their astute observations coming up this week and next!

4. Union Square: Bonobos abandons its online-only model and opens actual doors in Union Square.

5. Berkeley: Convert in Berkeley is having a major shoe sale.

6. Online: Undergarment emergency? There's a hotline for that.

7. Castro: Fiat Lux now carries diamonds. Ooh la la.

8. Online: Bow ties plus San Francisco cocktails: a tasty union.