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James R. Herman Cruise Terminal: Getting Sexier Daily

[Rendering of the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal Project at Pier 27 via Port of San Francisco]

The A-Cup approaches, and the city is busily face-lifting the waterfront to welcome her. Indeed, so busy that Phase I of the demolition and redesign of Pier 27's cruise terminal shall be partially complete by March, 2013. This means, race fan or not, you'll soon have a swanky platform for taking in the view, as well as new bathrooms miraculously unsullied by saltwater footprints and seagull dreck. Phase II, projected to finish in spring of 2014, will include, according to Climb Real Estate, completion of the cruise terminal areas and retail spaces, as well as the landscaping of a public plaza."
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James R. Herman Cruise Terminal

Pier 27, San Francisco, CA