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Tenants Rights Advocates Angry over Surge in Ellis Act Evictions

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"We are here today because of the epidemic of evictions happening in San Francisco," said Tommi Avicolli Mecca of the Housing Rights Committee. "They're motivated by greedy landlords and speculators who want to make a ton of dough selling (buildings)." Tenants rights advocates and renters rallied yesterday on the corner of 18th and Castro streets to protest the Ellis Act, which allows landlords to kick out renters if they plan to take their building off the rental market. Ted Gullickson of the San Francisco Tenants Union says that tenants rights groups have seen Ellis Act evictions triple since two years ago, especially in popular neighborhoods like the Mission. Advocates say the uptick is being caused by "an improving real estate market and speculators hoping to take advantage of the city's tech boom."
· Tenants, supporters protest rash of Ellis Act evictions [SFGate]
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