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Duboce Park Neighborhood Up For Landmark Designation

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Today the Historic Preservation Commission will vote on recommending the 3½ blocks north of Duboce Park a historic district. The Planning Department's case report has a boatload of history on the neighborhood and the encompassed houses, but CliffsNotes version is the area was built up in the late nineteenth century, with half the homes constructed by the same developer. Most of them are Queen Anne-era or Tudor-revival styles, but they're particular unique for being some of the only homes in San Francisco that abut a public park - not too shabby to have Duboce Park as your yard. The park itself isn't included in the landmark district, since it's changed so much over the past hundred years. Neighbors have been concerned that the designation would create giant pains for them to make any changes to their buildings, so the Planning Department held a whole slew of community meetings to hash out the issues. As of November, a Planning Department poll of the neighbors showed 65% support or strongly support the designation, while 29% oppose or strongly oppose, so the outreach seemed to help. If the HPC votes to recommend the landmarking, it'll go before the Board of Supervisors for final approval.
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