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Villa Belvedere to Sell to Highest Bidder

We told you this is what a $45 million dollar Belvedere mansion looks like, but apparently we were wrong. Or the listing agent and seller were wrong. Because despite its obvious opulence, the property has failed to attract buyers willing to shell out quite that much cash. Villa Belvedere goes up for auction December 30. Would you, reader, if you had the means, spend them here? The list of features could make even the most jaded luxury buyer swoon. Inside the 15,176 square foot mansion, we find 7 bedrooms, 9 baths, 3 half baths, home theater, wine cellar, gym, sauna, and steam room. The grounds, 1.14 acres overlooking the sparkling Pacific, include a pool, pool house, spa, patio and deck.

Yet the original price of $45 mill proved too dear, as did the first price cut that brought the property down to $36 million. And now, The Wall Street Journal reports "The seller, developer Jeff Paster, [has] decided to auction the home off to 'speed up the sales process.'"

Buy this home, reader, and feel good about yourself. Not only do you get the stunning Villa Belvedere, but you get a home with solar power, a living roof over the garage, and smart home technology. And, a portion of the auction price will go to "the buyer's charity of choice and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts." But before you pen the date upon your calendar and plan your auction outfit, there's one last detail: the starting bid is $25 million.
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