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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Eureka Valley vs. (15) Corona Heights

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[Eureka Valley photo via Esther Reyes/Corona Heights photo via genecutl]

Eureka Valley was known this year as a neighborhood where fixer-uppers went for $1.5M, houses for sale garnered many bids, and they almost always went for over-asking. Some of the top sales in the city happened here, whether it was this fixer-upper with 51 offers or this Spanish-style mansion for $5,250,000. The neighborhood also saw the re-opening of the Dolores Park playground, beckoning young families and bothering park regulars with all that youthful exuberance instead of irony or nudity.
Corona Heights pretty much stayed off the radar, news-wise, but did have more nominations via email than any other neighborhood. We explored what's so great about Corona Heights Park, one of the main selling points of the neighborhood, along with the excellent Randall Museum and amazing views. Curbed reader Lauren wrote with a very charming nomination: "Up from busy Market and Castro, and tucked underneath Ashbury Heights with views of Twin Peaks and the Sutro Tower... Secret stairs that only true locals know - Saturn Street Stairs, Vulcan Steps, Ord Court Stairs, and more."
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