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Vogue Theatre Celebrates 100 Years; Bridge Theatre Announces Closure

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[Vogue Theatre via Anomalous_A]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Many supporters came out to Pacific Heights last week to celebrate the Vogue's centennial. While other city movie houses are closing left and right (see below item), it helps to have "devoted, film-loving philanthropists" come to one theater's rescue and party in its honor. Giants Senior V.P. Alfonso Felder and Giants General Counsel Jack Bair co-founded the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation, and purchased the historic, single-screen Vogue Theatre in 2007. [SFGate]

INNER RICHMOND—"We're not commenting further than the basic fact," said Steve Indig, spokesman for Bridge operator Landmark Theatres. "Our last day of operation is December 27." Located at 3010 Geary in the Inner Richmond, the Bridge Theatre first opened its doors in 1939. [SF Examiner]