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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (10) NoPa vs. (7) Bernal Heights

[NoPa photo via Andrew Dalton/Bernal Heights photo via Todd Lappin]

NoPa (we're talking about the neighborhood, not the restaurant) is a flourishing neighborhood that shows no plans to slow down. There are plans to make its streets more bike and pedestrian friendly; a Bi-Rite's moving in; and there's no shortage of hip bars, coffee shops and boutiques to mingle in.

Bernal Heights is often described by its residents as a "small town," and we couldn't agree more. In lieu of shiny skyscrapers and chain stores it has cottage fixer-uppers (that sometimes sell for well above asking) and locally-owned small business, and things can get really heated between locals when a mural's threatened. It's also one of the best 'hoods for raising kids and Bernal Hill is full of wonder and amazement (and offers up great views).
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