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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (3) Mission vs. (14) Russian Hill

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[The Mission photo via Bhautik Joshi]

The Mission's home to a plethora of parklets, almost too many upscale restaurants, great street art, and new condos that locals like to hate on—even if said condos sell in record time. Oh, and the burritos. The Mission is home to the best burritos. It's the second best neighborhood in America for hipsters, but that's obvious if you take a quick walk down Valencia Street, where you can people watch at a variety of different coffee shops or pick up a piece of vintage furniture or taxidermy thing at a boutique shop. Bonus points: we've seen plenty of tourists giggle on a street tour when their guide explains that the historic armory now houses a very successful porn company.
Russian Hill, on the other hand, is a more reserved and preserved neighborhood. Not much changes around those parts, but that's okay because it's pretty picturesque. It's got some of the most beautiful homes with some of the best views of the city, but you have to pay a pretty penny (well, bazillions of pennies) to be able to call the 'hood your home. Lombard's crooked street is tourist central, and so are the quaint pebbled paths like famed Macondray Lane. People who live there can be jerks though.
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