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Bike Safety vs. Parking Spots: Fell and Oak Bike Lane Project Appealed

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Proposed changes for Fell and Oak Streets [Photo: SFMTA]

Despite seeming to be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, San Franciscans have a habit of appealing bike access projects. A while back there was the whole Bike Plan environmental exemption lawsuit fiasco, which was finally settled after four years of headaches and hearings. This year the SFMTA approved the Fell and Oak Streets Bikeways Project, which aimed to make the area more bike and pedestrian friendly, since the intersection of Oak and Divisadero was the second most dangerous for people walking or biking in San Francisco in 2011. Now some Panhandle neighbors have filed an appeal for the project's exemption from environmental review (sound familiar?), saying the project has "the potential to downgrade the environment" and needs full review. They claim impacts on ADA accessibility, emergency services, and air-quality (?), but the real bulk of their argument is that "the project will cause substantial adverse effects on people who need to park near where they live or work." The Board of Supes will hear the appeal today, and vote whether or not to uphold the environmental exemption.
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