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Top Three Residential Property Sales for the Past Seven Days

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Listed for: $3,750,000
Received: $3,500,000
Size: 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,077 square foot condo
Location: #702 at 840 Powell Street, Nob Hill
The skinny: This place look familiar? #2 on last week's list of the top three residential property sales for the past seven days was unit #602 in the same building. It received more even though it's one floor down. Back to #702. It's a "prestigious Park Avenue-style half-floor penthouse." Monthly HOA dues are $1,780 and there's 2-car parking in the garage.

Listed for: $13,500,000
Received: $12,475,000
Size: 6-bed, 5.5-bath, single-family home
Location: 3524 Jackson, Presidio Heights
The skinny: What more could we possibly say about 3524 Jackson? Read our past posts on the property here.

Listed for: $58,000,000
Received: $28,250,000
Size: 8-bed, 7.5-bath, single-family home
Location: 2901 Broadway, Pacific Heights
The skinny: We've covered this property many, many times (twice this week already). Please read the full archive here.