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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (12) Dogpatch vs. (5) Noe Valley

[Dogpatch photo via Ariel Dovas/Noe Valley by ooo]

The Dogpatch has an excellent mixture of old and new. It's home to the Hells Angels Clubhouse but also the recently built Milwheel South development, where condos quickly sold for more than $750K. When local nonprofit BAYCAT had its campus robbed in July, folks from all over San Francisco helped with donations to get it back on its feet. And hey, its residents are already partaking in a bit of turf war over a proposed 19,000-square-foot medical office building. The Chocolate Lab on 22nd Street made it onto Eater SF's list of where to eat right now, which adds to the neighborhood's growing popularity.

Noe Valley continues to dominate as one of San Francisco's most sought-after neighborhoods, and its residential real estate proves it. Property's (usually single-family homes) in the neighborhood continue to sell like hotcakes, and mostly for way over the asking price. Fixer-uppers sell for more than one million bucks and renovated abodes list for even more. It's also home to the popular 24th Street strip, which features a plethora of adorable boutiques and restaurants.
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