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San Francisco's Most Expensive Home Sells for $28,250,000

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It was exactly one week ago that we told you San Francisco's most expensive home was in escrow. Shoot forward a few days and 2901 Broadway on Billionaire's Row sold on Friday for $28,250,000, making it the third most expensive single-family home sale in the history of San Francisco. The 8-bed, 7.5-bath, Italian Renaissance hilltop mansion landed on the market in 2006 asking $58M. No word yet on who the lucky buyer is or what they plan to do with the place (although there's plenty of chatter). Congrats to the lucky buyer and please, please, please invite us to the housewarming party. 2724 Pacific Avenue is now the most expensive property for sale in San Francisco.
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2901 Broadway

2901 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA