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Dogpatch Not Happy with Kaiser Office Plan

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Kaiser Permanente has plans to build a five-story 190,000-square-foot medical office building near Potrero Hill, and some Dogpatch neighbors are not happy. Thus far 280 has acted as a sort of barrier to Mission Bay UCSF and biotech development, but this one would be on the Potrero Hill side. The office building would be part of a large 700,000-square-foot mixed-use with residential project along 16th and 17th streets, southwest of Mission Bay. The proposed housing project would include 189 units and a single-level underground garage with 143 spaces. Kaiser says they're trying to decentralize facilities within city limits to meet the needs of its members, including those in Potrero Hill. Neighbors have collected around 300 signatures for their petition, saying the project is "out of scale for the neighborhood" and would be better suited for a site such as Mission Bay or in the Bayview district (ah, so the project is long as it's about 10 blocks south). The SF Business Times issued their own opinion piece on the matter, basically telling the neighbors to stop being such blatant NIMBYs and blames them for SF General not getting a hospital helipad.
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