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What's Happening at the Old Circuit City on Van Ness?

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Old Circuit City location at 1200 Van Ness [Photo: Google Maps]

From the Curbed inbox:

I searched your site for any news of the old Circuit City space across the street from us but was unable to find anything. It's in the same building as 24 hour fitness on Van Ness and Post. The security guard there said it might become a new grocery store but I've yet to verify that fact. If you have any dirt, I would love to know! I park my car at that garage every work day.

You know the spot - the former Circuit City at 1200 Van Ness that moonlights as one of those Halloween super stores every October? Circuit City closed back in 2009, and the site has been (primarily) vacant ever since. In 2010, pet store chain PetSmart looked into the site as what would've been their first location in San Francisco, but nothing ever came of it and there's apparently been no movement since. The listing is still active on the realtor website. We checked into building permits, and it looks like some interior partition wall demo work was done earlier this year in July - presumably to make the space seem larger and more adaptable to potential tenants. We turn it over to the readers - has anyone heard rumors about what's on deck for the location?
· 1200 Van Ness, San Francisco [Cassidy Turley]
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