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Stately Pacific Heights Apartment Seeks Well-Heeled Buyer

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Was: $3,995,000
Now: $3,695,000
You Save: $300,000 In mid-September this 3-bed, 3-bath stately abode landed on the market asking $3,995,000. It's since taken an axe to its price and is now a more reasonable $3,695,000. The apartment has all the refinement and opulence you'd expect from a Pacific Heights co-op. In the foyer alone there's an ornamental metal and glass front door and a crystal chandelier. Property highlights include views galore and a powder blue dining room that we're absolutely smitten with. Property lowlights include no bathroom near the formal entertaining areas (there are three full bathrooms, two of which are only accessible by going through a bedroom) and communal laundry, meaning there's no laundry in the unit. The building also has a no pets policy. Monthly HOA dues are $1,570 and there's 1-car parking in the garage. We should also mention that this being a co-op and all, you'll need board approval before you're allowed to write a check for the place.

[Click the floorplan for a larger view]
· 1960 Broadway St #3 [Redfin]