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Ahoy Matey

The 121-year-old scow schooner Alma has returned to an old shipyard in India Basin, where it was built in 1891. The ship's voyage is part of 2013's "The Year of the Bay," a project that will celebrate the bay with museum displays, conferences, and events. Back in the day The Alma hauled lumber, bricks, grain and hay for the horses up the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta, and was originally based in Mission Creek near AT&T Park. The boat is now a National Historic Landmark and is operated by the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, making occasional trips around the bay - but this was the first time it's been back to India Basin since the last boatyard closed down over 20 years ago. [SF Gate/NPS/Photo: SAN FRANCISCO HISTORY CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY]