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New Park Planned to Spruce Up Daggett Place Project

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Daggett Place is a new residential project entitled for 1000 16th Street, and in lieu of paying $1.88 million in project impact fees, the developers have proposed a 0.9 acre public park along the Daggett Street right-of-way. Part of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan was to convert some of the city's industrial areas into complete mixed-use neighborhoods, including parks, transit, and pedestrian infrastructure. Most projects just pay a fee for these improvements, but in this case developer Archstone (or whoever will own it after the company's sale) opted to create the park themselves. The David Baker + Partners project was approved last year, and includes 470 units of rental housing, along with accompanying ground floor retail.

Adjacent Daggett Street isn't really a true city street, it's more of a largely flat dirt area that's a right-of-way. Designed by CMG, the park itself will have large lawns, seating, play areas, a fenced-off dog run, and public art installations. In addition to creating the Daggett Park, the developer will maintain it in perpetuity at no cost to the City. Not a shabby deal.
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