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We Head West to Check Out the Richmond's Rental Scene

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It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we take a western look at rentals in the Outer Richmond, where you'll be close to the beach and parks, and potentially fogged in for most of it.

Let's start with this one bedroom apartment for $1,800. It's a perfectly darling place, ten blocks from the beach and two blocks from Golden Gate Park. It gets lots of light, has new appliances (including a dishwasher) and includes, get this, a parking space. These are not amenities you can get for under $2,000 near the city center, so it's a deal, and you're close to public transport and your own restaurants and coffee shops which means you're not missing out. [craigslist]

Next we have a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment for $2,300. Everything looks nicely redone -- stainless steel appliances in the kitchen (dishwasher!) and gleaming hardwood floors. There's a gas fireplace when you need to cozy things up a bit and ocean views on a teeny balcony when the fog has lifted. As for the building, it's on a steep hill, but you get your own parking space and an elevator, so at least you won't be complaining about walking up the stairs to your top floor apartment. [craigslist]

Another 2-bedroom, this time with 1.5 baths, also for $2,300. You'll trade your parking space and views for that half-bath, but the apartment is still nice if not as recently redone. We are digging the open, eat-in kitchen and the promise of lots of closet space. Laundry is in the building, so fill those closets accordingly. [craigslist]

· 717 40th Ave [craigslist]
· 684 48th Ave [craigslist]
· 48th and Cabrillo [craigslist]