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New Google Maps Feature Lets You Explore the Floor Plans of Over 10,000 Locations

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[Click any image for a larger view/all images via Google Maps] We were quite pleased to discover this morning that Google now lets you view "Indoor Maps" of certain locations across the globe. While Google calls this feature "Indoor Maps," what it really is is a basic floor plan of specific buildings. The feature is currently available in select locations around the world, including right here in the USA. More floor plans will be added with time, or you can upload your own. Of the 10,000+ floor plans currently available, the United States has got quite a few buildings listed. There are 22 airport floor plans available to view, including all of San Francisco International Airport. There's also shopping malls, casinos, hospitals, landmarks, libraries, museums, retail establishments, restaurants, sports venues, and more. A special feature lets you switch between levels. The gallery above are screenshots of some of our favorite San Francisco (and one East Bay) locations.
· Indoor Maps availability [Google]
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Google San Francisco

345 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415 736 0000