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Become the Talk of the Town as a Curbed SF Contributor!

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Do you read EIRs for fun? Do you have strong feelings about the proposed Golden State Warriors waterfront arena on Piers 30-32? Have you ever had a nightmare about the Central Subway Project? Oh, and are you looking for work? Curbed SF is hiring part-time contributors who love keeping up with all the neighborhood happenings in San Francisco. The very part-time/freelance job would require you to come up with features that are in line with our categories, like breaking down what's on the agenda for this week's Board of Supervisors meeting and writing about houses in San Francisco that are on the market. We're looking for 3 - 5 posts per week. Extra points if you enjoy the drama of a good NIMBY fight. You must absolutely be based in the Bay Area (and love it), preferably San Francisco proper. We're closed on weekends, so this would be a Monday through Friday job.

Interested? No need to dust off the resume. Just send an email to with a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph about why you'd like the job, and anything else you think would grab our interest. If we're into it, we'll respond quickly with more details. (If you're employed in the real estate industry, alas, we can't hire you. But we still love you.) Thank you!