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Civic Center National Historic Landmark District Goes for LEED Certification

And they say old dogs can't learn new tricks. The City has filed for LEED certification for eight buildings in San Francisco's Civic Center National Historic Landmark District. Listed as a NHL District in 1987, the Civic Center is known as the most complete manifestation of the "City Beautiful" movement in the country, and as an example of turn-of-the-century municipal reform movements and early public and city planning. The eight buildings include San Francisco City Hall, Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco Main Library, Asian Art Museum, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Department of Public Health Headquarters, War Memorial Opera House and War Memorial Veterans Building. The buildings will be applying for LEED certification under the Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance category for their retrofit strategies and technologies, ongoing energy efficiency upgrades, and water conservation upgrades. The LEED filing is part of a larger Civic Center Sustainability District plan, formed by a partnership with former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).
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