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Planning Votes on Tiny Apartments

Today the Planning Commission will vote on amendments to the Planning Code proposed by Supervisor Wiener that put a cap on the number of Efficiency Dwelling Units that can be constructed with reduced square footage, and impose open space and common space requirements for them. New rules for tiny apartments, heard by the BOS back in September but not yet adopted, would allow new apartments as small as 220 square feet, as long as they include a kitchen, bathroom, and closet. This tweak to the Planning Code is set to ensure that things don't get out of hand, allowing Planning to approve up to 375 units a year, with a check-in at the Board of Supes after approving 325. It will also encourage common usable open space instead of private open space, and require interior common rooms for buildings with more than 20 units (think reading rooms, shared kitchen or dining facilities, media rooms, or fitness facilities). Planning Department staff sees the cap as unnecessary given the need for more housing, so they're recommending disapproval for the leg as drafted. [SF Gov/previously on Curbed SF]