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340 Fremont Gets a Few Tweaks, Needs a Little More Time

Back in 2006, the Planning Commission approved 340 Fremont as one of several residential tower projects proposed under the Rincon Hill Plan (neighboring 399 Fremont was another). The project was for a 400ft tower on a podium housing up to 332 dwelling units, 332 parking spots, and no commercial space. The design has been tweaked a bit since then, and now has 348 units, 269 parking spaces, and a totally different podium building. The new design from Handel Architects has a lot more glass, and the podium has differentiated materials breaking up the layers and a few more setbacks.

Currently there are two vacant buildings on the site of the new tower. The Planning Commission granted performance extensions once a year since 2006, and will be hearing another extension request today.
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