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Which Renter Horror Story is Truly the Most Terrible?

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These week we've shared three readers' rental horror stories as part of our network-wide contest. While each one is truly terrible, there can only be one winner to advance to the National round. Time to vote! this poll will be open for 24 hours. The winner of this poll will advance to the national round, where San Francisco's best (worst?) horror story will have a chance to win a free month's rent (up to $2,500). Here's a quick recap of each story:

Contestant #1: Roommates Behaving Very Badly in Noe Valley
"Some highlights of the couple were, that they would stay up until 5-6am talking to their family in Thailand. Also, the guy that was in the relationship and that was my roommate would hang out in the bathroom smoking cigarettes, playing music, and talking on the phone. Nothing better than having to knock on the door after waiting 15 minutes to try to take a shower to go to work in the morning. You've got to love getting out of the shower and immediately smelling like cigarette smoke."

Contestant #2: Seemingly Great Upper Haight Apartment Turns Bad Real Quick
"Things went downhill quickly, though. Jesse started dating Tyler, a convicted felon (still don't know on what charges) whom she grew up with. It became readily apparent that along with Tyler came loads of coke. She got fired from her café job and stopped paying rent for months at a time, racking up thousands in unpaid bills but refusing to move out, swearing she was looking for a new job (all the empty bindles and 40's said otherwise). I did everything I could to help - redid her resume for her, called every time I saw a promising help wanted sign, the whole lot. She did start selling used panties to strangers online for 'side money' (which she thought was hilarious, though I didn't really care for that kind of business being run out of our apartment). I can only really guess where the money from that thriving enterprise went, but I never saw any of it for rent or utilities."

Contestant #3: Verbally Abusive Roommate Conducts Experiments On Her Roommate
"Then in December I came home from work one day and there was a BIG BAG OF ECSTASY on the kitchen table. Carrie was dealing to her "friends" in anticipation of a rave she going to. Needless to say this made me super nervous that I was living with a drug dealer and god knows who was coming to my apartment to get drugs.

A few weeks later Carrie went to another rave in Vegas and left her car in our lone parking spot for a week. When she got back I asked her to give me a heads up in the future that she would be using the spot for so long, and this is when she became verbally abusive. She screamed at me about the dishes. She shouted that I did not clean enough and that I am a huge burden. I decided to have a grown up chat with her about how things are tense and she informed me that she has been RUNNING AN EXPERIMENT ON ME where she intentionally left clothes and dishes all over the apartment because it pissed her off that I put things away. She was doing some crazy mind-game shit to me."
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