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Coit Tower Families on the Scene

Descendants of both Lillie Hitchcock Coit and one of Coit tower's muralists met yesterday to inspect repairs to the tower and learn about a case of censorship that was found on one of the murals. Recently the city set aside $1.7 million to repair structural damage, a leaky roof, and water damage to the tower's murals. Susan Coit Williams, the great-great niece of Coit, and Ruth Gottstein, the daughter of artist Bernard Zakheim, were on hand as it was revealed that one of the murals by John Langley Howard depicting a labor march initially had a man holding a communist newspaper in the painting, but that the newspaper was later covered with paint to hide it. Repairs to the roof began in late October and most of the other repairs will begin in January. [SF Appeal/Photo: Photo: Bhautik Josh]