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Prop A Helps CCSF

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City College of San Francisco is feeling the relief after the passage of Prop A, a parcel tax to give $16 million a year into the school for the next eight years. The proposition passed with 72% of voter approval, preventing immediate layoffs and campus closures. According to the president of the school's Board of Trustees, CCSF will still need to cut some classes and begin making concessions with its labor unions for additional savings. College officials are making structural and fiscal changes to address financial problems that have resulted from years of borrowing from its own reserves to fund programs, provide full pay and benefits for faculty and staff, and cover costs of retiree benefits. The school has until March 15 to provide a report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges showing that it has made changes, or risks losing its accreditation. [SF Examiner/photo: Michael Fraley]