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Warriors Arena = $$$

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Recently released analyses by the by Board of Supervisors Budget and Legislative Analyst have confirmed that San Francisco would receive almost $54 million in one-time revenue and up to $19 million a year from a new Golden State Warriors waterfront arena. The report founds the conceptual framework for the arena deal between the city and Warriors to be "fiscally feasible." Under the proposed deal, the Warriors would stabilize Piers 30-32, build the arena, a parking garage covered by public plazas, and a mixed-use hotel/condominium/retail project on the 2.3-acre parking lot known as Seawall Lot 330 directly across the Embarcadero from the piers. The SF Port would retain ownership, leasing the site to the Warriors for 66 years. Next week the Supes budget committee will consider whether the city should move forward with an environmental study (to be paid for by the Warriors). [SF Gate/previously on Curbed SF]

Warriors Arena

Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA 94105