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Landlords Behaving Badly

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One Bay Area Landlord is taking their role in Rental Horror Stories very seriously. CBS reports that Richard Thomas of Environment and Land Management owns more than 150 rental units around the Bay Area, and is infamous for code violations, ignoring tenant complaints, and withholding security deposits. He already lost a $1 million class action lawsuit from tenants in Alameda, and was caught treating contaminated drinking and bathing water from a well in Hayward with Clorox. In SF, one building alone has 72 code violations and 13 orders of abatement, for everything from lack of permits to water leaks, lead paint hazards and rodents. (Have similar tales of landlord woes? Remember to submit to our Rental Horror Stories contest to have a chance to win one month of free rent funded by Curbed.) [CBS SF/photo: Shutterstock]