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Glen Canyon To Get a Little Nip & Tuck

The Glen Canyon Park Renovation Project is slated to start soon, and will include a whole slew of new recreation equipment and renovations to existing landscaping. Back in 2008, voters approved a $6 million bond to preserve the park's natural features and improve existing facilities, funded by the State Coastal Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land. The renovation plan calls for a new larger children's play area, new tennis courts, and accessible restrooms. Existing paths throughout the park will be improved, hazardous trees removed and replaced with new ones, as well as a new heating system in the Rec Center. The SF Forest Alliance is not happy about the tree removal, and have started a petition to modify the plans. Started back in 2010, there have been over a dozen community meetings on the park plans, and construction is slated to start in a few weeks.
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