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Supes Suspicious of SFTMA Lease Deal

The Board of Supes have stalled a lease for a new auto-towing site between the SFMTA and the real estate firm Prologis because of Supervisor Campos called "essentially a bad deal." The agency has to move its existing tow operation on Pier 70 because of all the proposed development slated for the waterfront site, and say their best option is a 13-acre in Daly City. Apparently the City was looking into buying the site itself, but Prologis swooped in and bought it in 2011, forcing the City into a more costly lease deal (we're talking $690,070/year more than the current Pier 70 lease). The Supes Budget and Finance Committee suggested renegotiating the lease at yesterday's hearing, but neither side is interested in doing that. [SF Examiner/Photo: Sutterstock]