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Planning Commission Hears 2175 Market (Again)

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Proposed new mixed-use project at 2175 Market [Photo: SF Planning (pdf)]

Remember a few weeks ago when we said the demo of the 76 Gas Station at 2175 Market Street meant things for the new 88-unit mixed-use project were moving along? Yeah, not so fast - it looks like someone filed an appeal of the environmental review (of course). In the meantime, the project sponsor has tweaked it a bit so they no longer need an open space variance or conditional use authorization for the mix of dwelling units. Today the revised project is back before the Commission, where they'll vote whether or not to hear the appeal or grant the approvals. Hopefully with the tweaks, everyone will be happy and the project can get back on track.
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2175 Market Street

2175 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114