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Laurel Heights: Sounds Fancy, No?

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It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we look at Laurel Heights, west of Pacific Heights and South of Presidio Heights, and more proof of our friend Karl the Fog's theory that, "Property sells better when you add "Heights" to the end of it. Rich people love elevation."

Budget: A whole one bedroom for under $2,000? That's right, practically unheard of lately, but here in Laurel Heights you can get an honest-to-Pete one bedroom for $1,875. At first we thought the bedroom closet was just a cheap Ikea wardrobe, but there's an actual closet in there too, so maybe it's "legit"-legit, and with plenty of storage to boot. This first floor unit looks to get a good amount of light, and we are digging the nice hardwood floors and the adorable yellow bathroom. Laundry is in the building, parking and pets are not. [craigslist]

Middle of the Road: This top-floor two bedroom apartment is $2,475, and we cannot figure out what's wrong with it. The kitchen is kind of neat with its dark wood and mustard-colored stove, there are views of USF campus, and lovely hardwoods. There's a giant walk-in closet and a dishwasher who is a machine and not named after your significant other. You can even cozy up to the fireplace with all the time you've saved not washing dishes. Laundry is in the building and parking is available, but only for extra cash. What's the catch? [craigslist]

Luxury: For $3,995, you get significantly more in Laurel Heights than in other neighborhoods: three bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. Why, if you're the master of the household, you get your own bathroom. How neat is that? Things we love: the windows and their coverings. A kitchen with a wine cooler in addition to a dishwasher. Wall-to-wall closets in every bedroom -- no "your room doesn't have a closet so you can take the one in the hall," here. Shared garden and shared laundry, so get to know your neighbors. We wish it got a bit more light, but maybe that's why the shades are necessary -- you'd be blinded and suntanned within minutes. [craigslist]

· 50 Lupine Ave [craigslist]
· 335 Euclid [craigslist]
· 650 Presidio [craigslist]