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Hayes Valley Farm > Bulldozer Parking

Hayes Valley Farm, the interim community-run farm on Laguna Street near the Octavia Boulevard on-ramp, has lived to see another few days. The farm's interim use agreement was set to end on December 1st so half of the 2.2-acre site (Parcel P) can be developed into mixed-use retail/housing. Turns out the other half of the site (Parcel O) was slated to be used as a construction staging zone - news to the farm directors who hadn't heard about that plan during the years of public meetings. The farm's supporters came up with a proposal for a new interim agreement to allow some of Parcel O to continue being used for farming/education purposes. The Supes Land Use & Economic Development Committee agreed, extending the farm's permission to use the Parcel O space until at least June 1, 2013. According to the organization's Facebook page, a few Supervisors said they would like to see Hayes Valley Farm continue on Parcel O for as long as possible until the Parcel P affordable housing is ready to break ground.
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Hayes Valley Farm

450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102