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The (Other) Landmark Octagon House Hits the Market

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Built in 1856, the Feusier Octagon House is one of only two surviving octagon plan houses in San Francisco. The house was originally two stories, copied from a plan in a book on octagon houses by Orson Squire Fowler, but was modified late in the 19th Century with the addition of a Mansard roofted third story. Early San Francisco businessman Louis Feusier bought the house in 1875, and his family remained there almost 80 years until the sold it in 1954. The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 5,267 sq.ft. mansion has hit the market asking $5,200,000, and includes a double 1/5 acre lot and see-through Willy Wonka-style elevator. The kitchen and baths look like they've been spruced up over the years too, but might require some extra finishing touches. The rear yard was completely renovated and relandscaped with a new patio back in 2001, but we're digging the rear deck off the upper floor. Real estate listings are hocking it as either a 3-floor single residence, or a 2-floor residence with lower-level "guest suite". The house is City Landmark #36, so any major changes by future buyers would have to go through the Historic Preservation Commission.
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Octagon House

1067 Green St, San Francisco, CA