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San Francisco's Floating Ecotopia, Coming 2108?

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IwamotoScott Architecture's Craig Scott presented at a TEDxCity2.0 event in town a few weeks ago, and brought with him a pretty bold vision for the future of San Francisco. The futuristic ecotopia is envisioned for 2108, where major structures support each other rather than thrive or struggle independently. A large underground infrastructure net called the Hydro-Net would trap rain water through porous streets and distribute water, power, and fuel, taking advantage of aquafers under the peninsula. Algae will function as our fuel to power transit. "Fog flowers" and air amoebas will collect fog to harvest water. Sounds plausible. But if we're getting this much brouhaha over a kidney-bean shaped sports arena on the waterfront, we've got a long way to go for algae-growing high-rise towers and fog-collecting floating pods.
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