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NIMBY Save the San Francisco Waterfront Group Encouraged Cheating for Proposed Waterfront Arena Poll

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[Aerial rendering via the Golden State Warriors]

Yesterday we published a post describing a petition that had been started by San Francisco resident Juraj Martanovic that opposes the Golden State Warriors building a waterfront arena on Piers 30-32. The petition needs 4,890 signatures and at the time of posting had 110. (It now has 140.) We created a poll asking a simple question: Should the Warriors build an arena on Piers 30-32? 360 of you — the majority — voted Yes. While we were a bit surprised by the amount of folks who voted No (271), we quickly realized the results could be extremely skewed. A tipster forwarded us an email from the Save the San Francisco Waterfront group, which said:

This article is creating a deception that most of people like to have Warriors arena there, we should all take a second and click NO to show them the truth. BTW you can vote multiple times if you have few different browsers.??

??Lets show them how wrong they are!!

Yes, show us how wrong we are by encouraging a small, select group of people to vote multiple times using different browsers. Keep it classy, Save the San Francisco Waterfront group.
· Petition Started to Oppose Warriors Waterfront Arena [Curbed SF]

Warriors Arena

Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA 94105