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Pier 70 Gets $

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Mayor Lee and Supervisor Cohen announced yesterday afternoon a resolution approving $58 million in investment into the Pier 70 Historic Core Project. The old site along 20th Street near Illinois Street is deemed the most intact 19th Century industrial complex west of the Mississippi River, and is slated to be revitalized as light industrial, commercial, and artist studio spaces. The Mayor says one of his top priorities is transforming the waterfront corridor into "a vibrant neighborhood and regional destination while creating a center for manufacturing." Supervisor Cohen reminds that "our Central and Southern Waterfront were once the hubs of vibrant commercial activity" (hear that, Warriors Arena haters?) and back in May the Port entered into an exclusive negotiation agreement with Orton Developers for the lease, rehabilitation, and development of the 20th Street Historic Buildings. [Curbed Inbox/Previously on Curbed SF/Photo: Liz Henry]

Pier 70

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