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Basically Brand New Tendernob Condo Looking for a New Owner

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This is one of the first resales we've seen for 723 Taylor Street, a 12-unit building in the Tendernob built in 2010. The unit's a 2-bed, 1-bath condo asking $685,000. It first sold in very late 2010 for $645,000. Condo highlights include living at the back of the building, so you are protected by the Friday and Saturday night crowd that parties around those blocks. We're also big fans of the in-unit washer/dryer deal. While the listing states that this a two bedroom, of those bedrooms is the small room that's currently staged as a work studio and has an entire wall of frosted glass to separate itself from the living room. Monthly HOA dues are $389 and there's no mention of parking.
· 723 Taylor, #502 [Redfin]