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Supes Tackle More Housing Policies

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Rendering for revitalization project in Potrero Hill [Photo: Rebuild Potrero]

The Board of Supervisors will vote on a few pieces of legislation today that aim to ease the housing crunch in the city, both sponsored by Sup. Olague. First, they'll hear additions to the administrative code to monitor San Francisco's housing preservation and production policies and goals. Basically that means regular check-ins and reports on the housing element of the city's General Plan to make sure that things are up to snuff and changing with times. They'll also vote to establish the San Francisco Right to Revitalized Housing Ordinance, which would give folks in public housing the right to a new unit after temporary relocation or displacement as the result of a public housing development project. The aim for this legislation is to protect families and tenants from losing their place when their public housing project is "revitalized" (the newly funded Potrero Hill project is a good example). The vote will also create the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board as a third party to review relocation claims.
· Administrative Code - Housing Preservation and Production (pdf) [SF Gov]
· Administrative Code - Public Housing Right to Return to Revitalized Housing (pdf) [SF Gov]
· $ to Remake Public Housing [Curbed SF]

San Francisco City Hall

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