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Petition Started to Oppose Warriors Waterfront Arena

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It should come as no surprise that a petition has been started to oppose the proposed Warriors arena on Piers 30-32. Started by San Francisco resident Juraj Martanovic, the petition needs 4,890 signatures and at the time of posting had a mere 110. The petition breaks down the opposition into several sections. Citing the piers "uniqueness," the petition says "The Warriors Project should not be built on Pier 30-32 because Pier 30-32 is a very unique piece of property," and that the "proposed Project will strip this part of waterfront of its uniqueness." We're talking about the crumbling piers, right? The ones that are so unstable that vehicles of a certain size are restricted for fear of collapse? The petition also states that the "Embarcadero cannot support any more traffic," because Giants games and the Ferry Buildings Farmers' Market. It also goes into pollution, but our favorite is the part about views being obstructed. "The Warriors Project will greatly obstruct both San Francisco Bay and Bay Bridge Views. The Warriors Project does not need water access. Other acceptable sites to build this project are available." We should mention that the proposed arena is not even as tall as AT&T Park, and is being designed by a team of internationally known architects who have received a plethora of awards for their commitment to innovative and beautiful design. We should also mention that the latest set of plans commit to at least 50% of open space on the site, and the arena's all the way at the end of the pier near the water.

Readers, let's keep it simple:

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