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Transbay Tower Up for a Bunch of Planning Approvals

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Today the Planning Commission will vote on a whole slew of approvals for the Transbay Tower project, now that it has the go-ahead after the shadow limits for the area were increased. First the commission will need to adopt CEQA findings for the new 61-story building, the EIR for which was certified by the Board of Supes back in July. Then they need to adopt findings for those shadow limit increases they approved, and THEN they'll get to the actual entitlements for the project, which include allocation of office square footage and determination of compliance with the planning code. Phew, this is going to be a long hearing. As the largest single project in the Transit Center District Plan area, the tower is basically the glue that holds the whole thing together and will set the stage for future high-rise density in the plan area. There've been some, ahem, doubts over the newest design iteration for the tower's top, so we'll be interested to hear what the commission has to say about it.
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Transbay Tower

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