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Details on the Other City Target

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Now that the new City Target has opened in the Metreon, the company is wasting no time getting their second store location ready at The City Center. Construction has already started on the new 119,000-square-foot store, slated to open next October. The former Sears Roebuck-turned Best Buy-turned vacant wasteland was voted by Curbed readers as the Ugliest Building in San Francisco, so the Target upgrades will spruce the site up a bit, as well as create better traffic flow around the clusterf**k that is the Geary and Masonic intersection (click the image to enlarge). Target hopes to hire about 250 employees for the new location, and will hold job fairs two months before opening. [SF Business Times/previously on Curbed SF]


Geary Boulevard and Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112