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Fresh & Easy Coming to Ocean Avenue

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Hot on the heels of Supervisor Mar's attempts to get more fresh produce into stores in his district, the grocery chain Fresh & Easy is planning to open a new location on Ocean Ave in District 7. The new store will take over a vacant space formerly occupied by Rite Aid Pharmacy at the corner of Ocean Ave and Dorado Terrace. Since it's a grocery chain, the project is up before the Planning Commission today for Conditional Use Authorization as formula retail. The Commission has had issues with Fresh & Easy in the past over their self-service checkout stands and booze sales, so the application includes a condition requiring that the checkout register for alcohol be staffed. A new Whole Foods recently opened seven blocks away near CCSF, but Planning staff is recommending approval of the Fresh & Easy since it "serves a different demographic" with its lower prices. So far no one in the neighborhood has commented one way or the other.
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Fresh & Easy

1245 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA