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Historic Preservation Commission Briefed on Coit Tower Work

Coit Tower will soon undergo repairs [Photo: Bhautik Joshi]

Today the Historic Preservation Commission will hear an informational presentation by the Rec & Park Department on proposed repair and rehabilitation work at Coit Tower. The rehab project is still undergoing CEQA review, but once that's finished the HPC will likely have to approve certain changes since the tower is a city landmark. Rec & Park wanted to brief them on the proposals early on so everyone could be on the same page, since there'll be lots of neighborhood folks watching them like hawks (or parrots?). They'll include things like repair of exterior walls and tiles, rehab to doors and windows, new guardrails and signage, and conservation of the murals. The commission won't vote on anything today, but will likely give their two cents to Rec & Park staff.
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