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Sleek Infinity Tower Duplex Lands on the Market

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This is the first-ever reseal of a duplex (the 2-story unit's on the 39th and 40th floors) in the Infinity's second tower. The 3-bed, 3-bath, 1,800 sq. ft. condo high atop the luxury residential tower just landed on the market asking $3,200,000. It last sold in 2010 for $1,760,000. Broker babble tells us that "with significant custom improvements to architecture & design, Duplex 36C enjoys a reworked floor plan, expanded & redesigned bathrooms, expanded kitchen, rare finishes, substantial built-in cabinetry as well as smart-home infrastructure," it goes on and on but basically the bottom line is that it's slick and sexy. The two private terraces are about 470 sq. ft. total. Monthly HOA dues are $825 and there's 2-car parking in the garage.
· 388 Spear Street, Unit 39C [Redfin]

The Infinity

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